Join the largest graduate student group that promotes innovation in the energy and environment sectors.  The benefits of membership include:

  • Education: access to high-profile leaders of energy companies and thought-leaders on environment issues.

  • Community: invitations to regular social and networking events (including Company Treks, detailed on the Initiatives page) to develop relationships with others throughout the energy and environment ecosystem

  • Career: expanding pipeline of sector-wide opportunities through relationships of the Club (including appropriate introductions where appropriate), inclusion in the Club's resume book that is promoted to employers, and general relationship-building events.

  • Innovation: if you have an idea already or want to develop a product or service energy solution, we work to connect you with the right people within the Club's network—venture capitalists, strategic partners, advisors, and co-founders.


Stay engaged through the Energy & Environment Club to stay abreast of the latest innovation in your sub-sectors of interest, while strengthening relationships with alumni across different graduating years.  We list a handful of ways below for you to remain engaged with the Club.