The conference will conclude with our annual business plan competition - or "Demo Day" - which brings together some of the field's most promising young ventures to present their value proposition to all of the symposium's attendees. This year, we'll have two tracks in which startups will compete: Technological Breakthroughs and Business Model Innovations.


Professional Mentoring

Participating startups will receive feedback on their business plans prior to the competition from a panel including leading professionals in the venture capital, entrepreneurial and utility sectors as well as an opportunity to present their value proposition to a broad audience on the day of the competition.

Awards & Recognition

All teams that are chosen to compete on the HBS campus will have their business plans reviewed in detail by an extensive panel of professional mentors (prominent entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and executives from the energy industry) and given feedback prior to the day of competition to help polish demonstrations. Winners of each track will be awarded a $5,000 cash prize and invited to a half-day mentoring session with the team of mentors to help develop the team’s go-to-market strategy and solve early stumbling blocks. In addition, all startups chosen to compete will automatically receive two hours of free mentoring from members Energy & Environment club to use at a later date.



Networking & Community

The competition and concluding reception provide attendees with a unique opportunity to see breaking trends in the industry and forge connections with innovative professionals in the field.